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Facts and Questions

Show My Ads Online FAQs


What is a traffic exchange?


Traffic exchanges are an online service where web site owners trade traffic between each other.

Other users of Show My Ads Online will view your web site/s and you can visit the sites of other users to earn Page views to allocate for your sites to be shown to others.


How is this possible?


To be able to have your web site placed in the Show My Ads Online World rotator for others to view, you must allocate page views so the URL of your site is shown in the Surfbar area.


You do this simply by Clicking 'Surf' on the main Home Tab Bar at the TOP of the page.


When you're viewing other users sites you will be asked to select the correct same image in the Surfbar area at the Top of the page when the timer has reached 0(zero).

When you have clicked on the correct SAME image, you will earn the corresponding amount of Page View points relevant to your account Membership Level.


Your site will be shown per 1 Page View allocated to it.


Our 1 piece of advice.


When you sign up for your FREE 7 Day Trial, most of the EXTRA Functions that ONLY Upgraded users can use will be available for you to try out.

After your 7 Day Trial is Over, any Saved work will then only be accessible when you Upgrade your membership.

LIMITED use of the EXTRA Functions built into Show My Ads Online are still available should you decide or not be in a position to Upgrade your account at the time your 7 Day Trial expires with the Extra Functions, and you can continue to Add and show your Sites/Banners/Square Banners and Text Ads for other users viewing in the Surf area as per 99% of all other Traffic Exchanges available built straight  from the Box.


Show My Ads Online is so much more than just being out the BOX. Start your 7 DAY TRIAL using the EXTRA FUNCTIONS built into Show My Ads Online. If they are not for you, Show My Ads Online will still show your Ads to others around the World.

2 POWERFUL Systems, built into ONE site.